Lunch and Learn at GUTA

This is an opportunity to expose your company, products, or services as both your company and GUTA advertise this event.  This event is rain or shine regardless of the number of registrations.

GUTA will provide...

  • The facility
  • Tables and chairs
  • Drinks for lunch.
  • Advertisement
  • We may or may not have a laptop available for you to use.

You should bring...

  • Laptop/tablet/phone with HDMI jack or adapter for your presentation. 
  • Materials to hand out to attendees.
  • Display/equipment/etc. to show attendees


The time is from 12 pm to 1 pm.


Vendors are responsible for providing lunch.

 You will be expected to reimburse GUTA for the meal. The price of lunch will depend on the number of registrations.

Payment will be by check to be received by the day of the event. 

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