Flagger Training

for temporary traffic control.



The primary focus of this course revolves around ensuring work zone safety. Flaggers will undergo comprehensive training to effectively safeguard workers within the work zone while maintaining clear and safe vehicle passage. The course emphasizes the application of standardized flagging practices and procedures specific to our state's streets, roads, and highways. By imparting these skills, we aim to create a secure environment for both workers and pedestrians alike. Remarkably, this course is designed to equip and certify each student in safe flagging techniques within just four hours of class time.


Course Information

Course Hours: 4 hours

Course Materials: ATSSA Flagger Workbook and Handbook

Course Goal: To equip students with the tools and understanding needed to be able to set up, operate, and maintain a professional and safe traffic control worksite.

Hands-On Training: Each participant will engage in a hands-on portion of the class and actually flag at our facility's practice area.

Course Price: $100.00 each at our location.  $125 at your location with a minimum of ten students.







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