Jennifer Pacilli - (City of Social Circle) Great refresher course. Very informative for me as a driver to know what is expected of us in construction zones for the safety of all involved. Thank You.
Levi Whitlock - (Fountain Inn Natural Gas) Tommy Arnold is one of the best instructors in the business. Just completed our competent person training and he did a fantastic job. Thanks again!!!
Justin Thompson - (City of Monroe) It was a great experience. Very informative and learned a lot of things I didn’t know about natural gas.  5/20/2022
Carrie Kendall - City of Monroe) Tommy did awesome!!! Very knowledgeable and helpful.  5/20/2022
Josie Witcher - (City of Monroe) It was good and Informative!  5/20/2022
Alyssa Drewery - (City of Monroe) Wonderful and very informative class! 5/20/2022
Loyd Ivester - (City of Bowman) I want to say thank you ( Tommy, Jimmy)and the City of Monroe for having a training center to not only to keep everyone in Compliance but to help keep us and the public safe in a dangerous environment that we work in, You and Jimmy help bring us home to our families each night, the training center gives more to training it gives us not only a chance to meet others in our profession to share and learn from there experience but to host events to bring in vendors to show and teach new technology in such demanding times, Again Thank you  5/19/2022

Avery Pittman - (City of Monroe)  Good experience!  05/10/2022

Nathan New - (City of Monroe)  Wonderful great presentation on traffic control /safety!  05/10/2022

Kurtis Ricks - (City of Monroe) Completed the flagging course today. The Instructor was very informative, entertaining, and provided personalized real-world examples.  05/10/2022

Gregory Jackson - (City of Monroe)  Good class!  05/10/2022

Riley Phillips - (City of Monroe)  Great place and great teachers they explain everything and make it easy to learn what they are teaching.  05/10/2022

Alex Hegwood - (City of Monroe)  Great place to learn and Great teachers who know what they are talking about u feel Safe and a lot more knowledgeable about your job.  05/10/2022

DeAnthony Durham - (City of Monroe)  Great job teaching 👏 the class 👏!  05/10/2022

Santino Odom  - (City of Monroe) It was great!  05/10/2022

Tenisha Harper - (GSWCC)   I had the pleasure of completing my level 1B training with Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis is very knowledgeable about his material, he is personable, he gives you real-world situations to ensure you are able to completely understand the material that is being conveyed! A job well done to Mr. Davis!  11/12/2021

Christillie Greenway - (City of Social Circle)  Great class about Silica! Learned some very important information for my health. 10/10 recommend the class to be taught to everyone!  9-24-2021

Robert Hammock - (City of Social Circle)  Tommy always does a great Job with our instruction.I've learned a lot from every class I've taken from him.  08/20/2021

Ryan Hayes - (City of Social Circle)  It was a great experience. Great Instructor. I learned a lot.  08/20/2021

Austin Rowland - (City of Social Circle)  It was a great experience!!  08/20/2021

Curtis Meadows - (City of Social Circle) Tommy Arnold did a wonderful job and I learned a great deal of information. The class offered enough material to fully understand the aspects of the duty of flagging.  08/20/2021

Robbie Groves - (City of Social Circle) GUTA is outstanding, Tommy provided a high-quality learning atmosphere where employees can learn about the safety aspects of their job. His instructional method made it so easy to understand and provided everyone in the class with the knowledge and skills to perform their job duties safely.  08/20/2021

Tanner Ginn - Greenwood SC.  Great experience for sure and a really fun class and Tommy Arnold was a great instructor.  08/09/2021

Alan Shifferly - Greenwood SC.  Tommy Arnold is an amazing teacher can't wait for my next class with him!!!  08/12/2021

Hunter Rhodes - Greenwood SC.  Great class! Tommy is an amazing teacher!  08/12/2021

Michael Davenport - Greenwood SC.  Awesome training, Mr.Tommy took time to understand, all properties of this training. Thank you.  08/09/2021

Kristopher Campbell - Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources
I have just completed the GSWCC Level 1A and Level 1B Re-Certification courses and wanted to again Thank GUTA and our proctor Mr. James Davis. Mr. Davis made the course very enjoyable and educational with "real life" applications and stories to support the material being presented. I look forward to receiving additional training from Mr. Davis and the Georgia Utility Training Academy.  1-31-2019

Timothy Hayes - My training experience at GUTA was outstanding, My Instructor provided a high quality learning environment. The instructional techniques and hands on experience provided me the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform my duties as a Level 1B Inspector.
Thank You, Instructor Jimmy Davis for "A Job well done"  5/22/2018

Kent Hobart (Vice President Operations Southern Gas Association) -  We’ve been very fortunate to have Tommy Arnold of the Georgia Utility Training Academy teach a Leak Investigation and Grading class for us the last two years as part of our SGA Spring Gas Conference.  We gather feedback from class participants after the training and feel strongly the most important question we ask is “Would you recommend this class to a coworker?”  The average score from GUTA’s 2016 class was 9.93 on a 10 point scale.  The highest of the over 30 workshops we offered during the conference.  Our attendees students say it far better that I can,  GUTA is an outstanding natural gas training resource and one they would highly recommend!     10/142016

Jordan Fuhrman (City of McDonough) In regard to 9-29-16 Stormwater Expo - It was an excellent experience providing many opportunities to meet and network with other agencies and to see some of the new products offered by vendors. The available classes were also an outstanding resource. Looking forward to another one next year.  10-13-2016

Kelly Durkin - (Southern Cross) Thank you so much for allowing our team to test out our new Laser Methane Detector at your facility. Not only was your facility top-notch and easy to find but your hospitality and customer service was unmatched. We were able to relax and take our time while testing the new product in a real world setting. Your team was available any time we had questions or further requests. Thank you again for having us! We will be back!  10-12-2016

Matt Murphy - "Jimmy, I just looked and I passed my test with an 82. Thanks for the help. If I know anyone looking for a class I'll send them your way.  April 18, 2016

Stephen Bailey - "I would like to thank the Georgia Utility Training Academy for the classes I attended in June and August. The facilities were top-notch, both in the classroom and in the simulated practice areas. The course materials were well prepared and organized, and very thorough. I would like to also extend a very big thank you to instructor Tommy Arnold. He really knew the course material and backed it up with real working experience. Tommy is a people person who went above and beyond to help us with any questions we had and took the time to make sure each of us fully understood the material. I highly recommend the training academy and look forward to more training in the future!" - August 23, 2014

Stacey Thomas - "Mr. Cowan, I wanted to let you know that after your class on May 6-9, 2013 I was able to pass the Water Distribution System Operator examination with a score of 90%. I want to thank you and the Georgia Utility Training Academy for hosting and teaching a great class. The instructors and the facility are exceptional and the City of Monroe should be very proud of the classes that y’all offer to other communities. On a side note, I was able to complete all ten math questions correctly due to the methods you taught us in class. In August, we will send another person to GUTA for the water distribution class, so please be on the lookout. Again, thank you for helping me pass my exam, and hope to see y’all in the future for more classes. Thanks!" - May 30, 2013

Chris Stripplehoff - "Thanks so much for the tour and demonstrations at GUTA last month! We thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality. You all have built an awesome training facility and program. Our industry is better served because of your investment. I commend you…job well done!" - March 14, 2011

Walton Tribune - Sunday, March 6th, 2011 Publication - March 2011

Geoff Isbell - "GUTA is great news for the industry! The site and the facility look fantastic and we wish you tremendous success. Congratulations on a job well done!" - February 9, 2011

Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia - CityGate News Publication - Fall 2010

Heath Consultants - Consultant Newsletter Publication - Fall 2010

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